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To make this website as accessible to as many users as possible we have tried, wherever possible, to conform to Level Triple-A of the W3C-WAI Web Content Acessibility Guidelines. This is an officially recognised standard to try and make the internet as accessible to as many people as possible.

Our HTML code and CSS stylesheets are also compliant to W3C standards in order to make our website compatible with as many web browsers as possible

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Site Map

Below is a overview of our site along with the access keys you can use to navigate our site if you cannot use or have not got a pointing device. To use the access key, press ALT + AccessKey, then ENTER in Internet Explorer, or ALT + SHIFT + AccessKey in Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Mac OS use CONTROL + AccessKey, then ENTER. For other browsers and operating systems, please refer to the help provided with the software.

Other Tools

We have provided other tools to make browsing our website easier, and they can be found below the header of every page.

There are three different website styles to choose from, depending on your needs and situation. 'Standard Layout' is the high graphics layout, that is the default style for the website. 'High Contrast' alters the style so that the text is yellow on a black background. 'Low Graphics' is designed for users on a mobile device, or with a slow internet connection. It displays only black text on a white background and does not load any images.

Javascript needs to be enabled to use these tools. If it is not enabled, or your web browser does not support javascript then you can make the screen high contrast by pressing ALT + SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN on Windows Operating Systems.

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